Emcare - Emergency Medical Care is a paramedic, First Aid and Fire Training Organisation based in Polokwane in Limpopo
Emcare offers a basic fire-fighting course which equips learners with basic knowledge of firefighting skills

Basic Fire Fighting

This is as the name suggests, a basic fire-fighting course which equips learners with the knowledge and skills to manage and extinguish fires in the office or home, using the fire-fighting skills and equipment learned during the course. It should be seen as one of the minimum requirements to be met by company employees when being inspected by governing bodies such as the Department of Labour.


  • 4 hours

Entry Requirement:

  • None
  • Certificate is valid for one year

Course content:

  • Fire introduction
  • Fire equipment requirements
  • Giving warning of a fire
  • Methods of operation
  • The burning process
  • Operating procedure
  • The fire tetrahedron
  • Care and maintenance of fire equipment
  • Classes of fire
  • How fire spreads
  • PPE
  • Fire prevention
  • Extinguishers and extinguishing mediums (Water, Foam, Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemical Powder)
  • Fire hose reels, blankets, and buckets
  • Getting out alive
  • Lifting and carrying techniques
  • Emergency plan basics


  • The course is to be presented on a 75% theoretical and 25% practical basis.
  • The candidate is evaluated during the duration of the course. There are no written examinations.

 A compulsory teacher/student evaluation will be done during the duration of the course, and learner competency must be demonstrated to be found competent and certified.