Emcare - Emergency Medical Care is a paramedic, First Aid and Fire Training Organisation based in Polokwane in Limpopo
We offer a Level Two First Aid Course at Emcare.

Level Two First Aid Course

The level two first aid course is much more comprehensive than the level 1 course. It goes into more detail, eg: Treatment of Paediatric patients. This is our recommended first aid course, as it equips learners with an extensive knowledge base of first aid, and will ensure a high standard of patient care. Please see below for course content

  • Duration - 3 days ( 24 Hours )
  • Entry Requirement - Valid Level 1 certificate. English proficiency (local translators are available on special request)
  • Certificate is valid for three years

Course content:

  • Principals of Emergency Care & Safety
  • Emergency scene management
  • Artificial respiration
  • One & Two Rescuer C.P.R.
  • Child & Infant C.P.R.
  • Choking, wounds & bleeding
  • Shock, unconsciousness & fainting
  • Fractures, burns, head & spinal injuries
  • Joint injuries (sport injuries)
  • Chest & eye injuries
  • Multiple injury management
  • Abdominal Pelvic injuries
  • Environmental illnesses & injuries
  • Poisoning, bites & stings
  • Chest pain, diabetes, epilepsy & convulsions
  • Drowning & diving accidents
  • Elementary & applied anatomy & physiology
  • Rescue carries
  • Emergency equipment
  • Legal implications & Ethics related to emergency care evaluation


  • The course is to be presented on a 50% theoretical and 50% practical basis.
  • The candidate is evaluated during the duration of the course. There are no written examinations.
  • Compulsory competency in C.P.R. is required.