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Free first aid games online

1. First aid games for adults

Some interactive games that refresh your first aid knowledge. Enjoy!

Life Runner

Become an everyday hero! Every year thousands of people die because they don't get emergency care in time. With just a little training and knowledge you could give someone the extra time needed to save their life! Explore the city, learn life saving skills and become an Everyday hero.

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Rescue Run

A game compliments of St John ambulance service in the UK.

Coming Soon

2. First aid games for kids

Some fun interactive games that will give your kids some handy first aid knowledge. Enjoy!

First Aid - Fractures and Bleeding


Oh, have you seen that? The boy has just fallen off his bike! Looks like he is badly injured! Let's call the ambulance! But before the doctors come we should try to help him. Let's sterilize his wounds and immobilize the injured limbs. 

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First Aid for Strokes


Our boy was walking through the park with his Granny, when she suddenly felt awful weakness and sank down onto the park bench. Oh no, she might be having a stroke! Help our boy to check his Granny for the first signs of stroke and take care of her while waiting for the ambulance. 

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First Aid - Electric Shock

This boy was watching TV with his mother when he accidentally bumped an electric kettle with his leg. Oh no, he got an electric shock! Quick, call 911 and help the boy's mother save him! 


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First Aid for Burns


Can you smell smoke? Look, it comes from that house! This boy is calling for help! We must try to stop the flame and help the boy! Carry him outside, give him rescue breathing and treat his burns, while waiting for the ambulance. 

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First Aid - Rescue of the Drowning


This baby was sitting on the mat in the water, when a wave overturned it. The baby didn't know how to swim, but fortunately for him, you were nearby. You have to call 911, wait for the ambulance, and rescue the baby from drowing. Pay attention to the directions in the game, because you'll never know what's going to happen in the future. Learn how to provide the first aid and you'll definitely feel better. Enjoy! 

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First Aid - Road Accidents

Look, this boy has just been hit by a car! Quick, call the ambulance! But you shouldn't just sit by and wait for the doctors, the boy desperately needs first aid. Give him rescue breathing and try to restart his heart with CPR! 

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First Aid for Poisoning


Our poor boy is in trouble again! This time he has eaten a plate of uncooked mushrooms and is now having terrible stomach ache. Mushrooms can cause serious poisoning, so we must take action now! Call the ambulance and try to help the poor kid. 

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First Aid for Dog Bites


This boy was playing with his cute puppy, when suddenly a huge hound ran towards them barking madly. The boy tried to protect his puppy, and the hound bit him! Quick, let's sterilize the wound while waiting for the ambulance! The dog might have had rabies, so our boy needs a rabies vaccine too. 

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